If it is not evident from every nook and corner of this website- my name is Arjun Salyan. If you are here to know stuff about me, may I request you to read this page in full?

I am an engineering student actively involved in web and mobile development (django, react, express) from a really really long time. As there is a famous terminology nowadays, I guess they call someone with these skillset, a full stack developer. Well, I don’t find this term cool, it is even debatable as to what this term exactly means, or who would fall under this category.

I do freelancing, I do open source, I do college projects, I intern with companies and I am hoping to get hired after college. My major at college is not computer science, yeah right, I am self taught in everything that is related to a computer. I have been doing this since secondary school. I also blog about the things I learn and which can be useful for others- that is one purpose- another is- sharing (just sharing).

Cloud is the new way to go forward, and recently (also luckily) I am moving from being a super-user of the cloud platforms to being given the opportunity of building one. I got the opportunity to be a part of the team that is building a next-gen cloud platform. I found this exciting and challenging- I learnt a great deal about networking and system design. Probably, I am liking it more becuase it is providing me a refreshing change? I don’t know, because my love for building applications is only increasing- each day, day by day. But why? Why do I love building applications?

Whatever I wrote above is a consequence of a feeling I carry with me- and that is- building products which can ease down a process or experience. This feeling is what drove me into this geeky stuff. There is a different kind of excitement in researching over the user needs, finding a solution and then implementing it. I wish I could emphasise it more. The last part, implementation drove me into learning to build my own tools- digital tools. If I try to find an analogy, then I can be compared to a cook who loves serving delicious but healthy food. And to achieve his idea of health- he starts to grow his own vegetables and spices. I am sorry if this sounds absurd, but in this paragraph I am simply writing as if we are having a conversation, as if I am telling you the basis of every single line of code I have written in my life, as if I am speaking my heart to you.